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Combination Skin Type Combo based on PrettyPls's free Skin Type Quiz 


Managing combination skin requires a thoughtful approach that addresses the diverse needs of different facial areas. Here's a personalized regimen featuring PrettyPls products to maintain balance and promote a harmonious complexion:


1. Charcoal Face Pack: Incorporate the Charcoal Face Pack into your weekly routine. Apply to the T-zone and oilier areas. This mask's detoxifying properties will help control excess oil and minimize the appearance of pores, promoting a balanced complexion.


2. Tea Tree Aloe Vera Gel: Follow up with the Tea Tree Aloe Vera Gel. Apply a thin layer to the oilier areas to manage breakouts and oiliness. The tea tree oil helps keep these concerns in check, while aloe vera provides soothing hydration without clogging pores.


3. Lightweight Moisturizer: Apply a Lightweight Moisturizer to your entire face. This moisturizer strikes a balance, providing hydration to drier areas while being light enough not to overwhelm the oilier zones. Ensure even distribution for an overall harmonized feel.


4. Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Integrate the Hyaluronic Acid Serum into your routine. Use it across your face, as hyaluronic acid caters to hydration needs. It helps retain moisture in drier areas without overburdening the oilier regions.


By following this tailored regimen, you're well-equipped to address the complexities of combination skin. Regularity and care in selecting products suited to different facial areas are essential. Remember, your skin's needs may evolve, so stay attuned to its signals and adapt your routine accordingly. Achieving balance is now within reach, thanks to PrettyPls's comprehensive range of products designed with your unique needs in mind.

Combination Skin Type Combo

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