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Introducing our Peppermint Blue Lip Gloss, a refreshing burst of coolness combined with the timeless elegance of transparency and shine. Infused with the invigorating essence of pure peppermint essential oil, this gloss not only enhances your lips with a beautiful blue tint but also provides a tingling sensation that revitalizes and awakens your senses.


The lightweight, transparent formula of our Peppermint Blue Lip Gloss effortlessly combines the cooling power of peppermint with the luxurious hydration of grapeseed oil, castor oil, and vitamin E. As you apply, experience the sheer gloss that leaves your lips feeling soft, smooth, and irresistibly lush.


Grapeseed oil, renowned for its moisturizing benefits, ensures a silky glide and lasting hydration without any stickiness. Castor oil contributes to the gloss's luxurious texture, providing a comfortable wear that feels as good as it looks. Vitamin E adds an extra layer of care, shielding your lips from environmental stressors while promoting a healthy and youthful appearance.


This Peppermint Blue Lip Gloss is designed to be more than just a cosmetic delight; it's a mini spa experience for your lips. The crisp, minty aroma of peppermint provides a sensorial treat every time you apply, creating a moment of indulgence in your daily routine.


Whether you're looking for a hint of color or simply want to embrace the tingling freshness of peppermint, this gloss is the perfect choice.


Experience the fusion of style, freshness, and hydration with our Peppermint Blue Lip Gloss. Pamper your lips with a touch of cool glamour, transparency, and shine, while the nourishing trio of oils and vitamin E elevates your lip care routine to a whole new level.

Peppermint Blue Lip Gloss

SKU: LB002
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